A Typical Day at Coton Pre-school

The children self register on arrival at 9:05am and then have a short group registration period, where they sing the Coton preschool song, are told the focused daily activities and have the opportunity to ask questions and show and tell. The role play area includes a home corner and the creative area offers extensive art and crafts and mark-making opportunities. In the construction area there is a wide range of resources for children to select as well as puzzles and games. We also have a quiet area which is where our book corner is situated. The computer is on most days on which we have a selection of educational games. Free-flow is encouraged indoors and to the outside play area consisting of a safe surface and veranda. Outside we have a playhouse, either a caterpillar tunnel or scooters, sand pit, painting easel, water and messy play and a quiet area for mark making and books.

We have a snack bar that is open between 9.30am & 11.15am ,where the children can choose from 2 or 3 different fruit or vegetables and a carbohydrate option donated by parents and prepared by the children. They are offered organic semi-skimmed milk or water to drink. The children are then encouraged to remove their names from the registration board when they have finished their snack.

Tuesdays at 9.30am, we use the School’s hall for a short PE session and have access to the gym equipment. On other mornings, whenever possible, we also access the school’s playing field, trim trail, sensory garden and playground. Children are encouraged to prepare themselves for outside play and enjoy a variety of adult led activities as well as free play. In wet weather, we encourage action songs and movement to music within the playroom.

We give five minutes’ notice for tidy up time when all children are encouraged to help tidy up for a short group time when we say good-bye to the children leaving at 12.05pm swap news and sing songs. If an adult led activity is planned for the day’s session then group time is extended.

At 12.05pm those children staying for lunch wash their hands and then sit with their friends to eat their packed lunch. When the children have finished eating they pack away and, if all leaving at 1.05pm, the children then have a short free play session or join in an adult led activity, usually a game. If the children are staying until 3.05pm, the afternoon session begins following a similar pattern to the morning session.

At collection times, artwork and messages home are laid out for collection and key-workers communicate information regarding the session to parents – the day’s planning is posted near the door and provides information of what activities have been covered.

During the session key-workers observe the children’s interests and play and then plan purposeful activities for the children with a mix of adult led and child initiated.