About Coton Pre School


Coton Pre School is a Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (No. 1170718 with the Charities Commission). It is run by a Voluntary Management Committee consisting of Parents and Community Members; who employ a team of staff to run the Pre School in line with current law and guidance. The current Management Committee were elected in June 2018 for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The Committee consists of the following roles, with their contact details should you need them. Please see the Committee Members and their Roles below:

Chairperson:  chair@cotonpreschool.org .uk
The role of the chair is to lead the committee, both via Committee Meetings and at the AGM to enable democratic and efficient decision making in the running of the Pre School. The chair should maintain an overview of all committee and staff activities; and is supported by all of the other Members of the Committee and Staff. The chair is generally the “Nominated Person” for dealings with Ofsted.

Secretary :  secretary@cotonpreschool.org.uk
Our Secretary takes care all of the paperwork and filing for the running of the Pre School, organising Committee Meetings and the AGM; preparing Agendas and writing minutes of these. These are efficiently distributed, along with any useful or important information required by the Committee. All of the Committee Members require up to date DBS checks in place, and the secretary ensures this.

Staff Manager:  staffmanager@cotonpreschool.org.uk
Our Staff Manager line manage’s the Pre School Manager as well as organising Temporary and Relief Cover when required. The Staff Manager also ensures the Staff Handbook is kept up to date and all staff are aware of this and it’s policies. In addition, the Staff Manager along with our Manager deals with all recruitment  and ensuring that sufficient, qualified Staff are employed with the Setting .

Treasurer:  treasurer@cotonpreschool.org.uk
Our Treasurer, manages all of Pre School’s Finances to ensure this is smooth running. All income and outgoings are dealt with in a timely manner, whether this is  NEF (Government) Funding or private fee invoices, Staff Wages,  Expenses, Training Costs, Utility Bills etc. The Treasurer, along with our Manager, work together on Budgeting and Child numbers forecast, and also reports to the Committee on the Financial State of the Pre School. Other tasks include  HMRC Returns, Business Rates, Insurances and the Charities Commission.
Fundraising  Officer: marketing@cotonpreschool.org.uk
Marketing and fundraising is an important role for the Pre School- fundraising helps us to buy new resources where these are needed, as the Pre School is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.
General Committee Members –
Parents and members of the Community are welcome on to our Committee to support the above roles, and also carry out fundraising activities, manage the website / social media; and generally assist in the running of the Pre School; dependent on their skills and experience.
The Local Authority  run Training courses for voluntary committee members. A full list of training courses (published in July for the following academic year)
can be found at www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/eyc
and going through the “workforce development” link.
Workshops include Roles & Responsibilities of a Voluntary Management
Committee, Sustainable Business, Becoming a Charitable Incorporated
Organisation (CIO), Understanding the Safeguarding & Welfare Requirements,
Planning for your Annual General Meeting (AGM), Safer Recruitment.