April 2017 -  Our Deputy Manager , Shannan Gardner, has agreed to act as Manager whilst we search for a new person to fill that role. Shannan brings a wealth of experience to the role and alongside the Committee will be sure to keep the Pre School running as smoothly and ever. Shannan is well known and loved by all the children in Pre School, and well supported by Cristina and Tracey in their roles.

- The Committee have a number of fundraising events planned  Рtake a look at our fundraising page , to see how you can support us.

STOP PRESS – We now have our own Facebook page – please do take a look, this will be updated as and when we can with our news, events and fundraising as well as important information.

Please take a look at our Fundraising page where you will see details of our recent and successful fundraising efforts. Do look out for more details of forthcoming events at Pre School and on our web pages.







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